Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. uses the highest quality building materialsand finishing products to ensure durability and customer satisfaction

Welcome to Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.

We excel at building custom homes in established neighborhoods that seamlessly blend in with their natural surroundings. While building homes from the ground up is our specialty, we also offer select renovation services to homeowners looking to enhance the way they live.

Thinking out of the box requires exceptional skills that can craft extraordinary beauty. This fusion happens when efficiency gets blended with creativity and results into excellence. Investing for the future and investing ‘in’ the future is not the same thing. As great minds think alike, if you think you want to invest in the future rather than investing for the future, then we assure you to make your investment worth it. Investment shall be yours, assurance shall be ours, not only because we are the best but also because we care.

Our Services

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Message From Chairman

The fundamental initiatives that have been taken with a number of competent professionals to provide quality habitation to citizens and to contribute to urbanization of Dhaka city, created a symbol of excellence and reliability for Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. in  bride construction. Consequently, to continue this voyage of not only being recognized as the very best in Constractor but also as a superior brand, I have envisioned a new era for Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. With this greatest optimism, I strongly believe that this unique brand shall attain its vision successfully.

Malaka Parvin

Malaka ParvinChairman - Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.

Message From Managing Director

Despite the rapid changes in Dhaka city, all of us would strive to come back home to be with our dear ones at the end of day. So as to make it more convenient and secured, Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. primarily focuses on prime locations, better-quality materials and efficient personnel for the projects. As by saying “We Care”, we mean it, therefore, I believe in providing lifetime service to our valued clients to show our true dedication. This truly states the reason why we are perceived as the building and bridge construction of first preference.

MD. Alam

MD. AlamManaging Director - Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.